Why another elementary school in Hartford?  


  • More individual attention with small classes

  • 2 to 4 teachers/tutors per class

  • A safe, nurturing community 

  • More time on reading, writing and math.

  • Longer school day and school year

  • Healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks cooked onsite

  • Physical activity every day

  • More support for parents with smaller number of families

  • Strong arts/music focus every week 

  • Each student has a laptop computer to enable more learning

Trinity Academy improves learning by focusing on students’ individual needs.  For example, in Language Arts (grammar, reading and writing) students need five skills to succeed: decoding, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing.  We evaluate the student to pinpoint where he or she needs help to perform at grade level or above.  The student may be tutored individually or join a few other students in a mini-class to strengthen a particular skill.  Curriculum materials are from Teachers College, Columbia University Reading & Writing Project. 


 Students experience a safe nurturing community so they feel valued and fully included.  Research shows that students need loving, supportive surroundings to develop self-worth and strong moral character.  The Responsive Classroom approach was initiated by educators over 30 years ago and has evolved into a movement in which over 100,000 teachers have been trained in schools across the country.  This approach builds a strong school community so that students feel accepted, safe and secure. Students benefit from a consistent structure – for example, each day starts with a Morning Meeting in which students hone social skills, practice expressing themselves and learn values.


Trinity Academy utilizes a variety of traditional and innovative approaches to expand horizons for students. We include project-based learning so students learn to think and work independently.  Beyond academics, students have an enriching variety of activities that includes, music, dance and art classes ,yoga, drama, daily physical exercise and many field trips.



Trinity Academy Hartford

Trinity Academy Hartford