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Admissions FAQs

1. Who does Trinity Academy Serve? 

Trinity Academy accepts students in grades 1 through 4.


2. What are the class sizes? 


The average class size is 10. 


3. What is the student/teacher ratio? 


The student/teacher ratio is 6:1.


4. What activities do we offer?


 In addition to our daily academics, Trinity Academy offers a wide   range of cultural and social enrichment activities.

  •  Specials: Gym, Music, Theater, and Art

  •  Friday Fun Clubs (in 6-week sessions): Arts and Crafts, 4-H, Spa, Graphic Design, and more!

5. How do students get to and from Trinity Academy?


School buses, serviced by Hartford Public Schools, are provided to students living in the City of Hartford and who live 1 mile or more away from the school. Parents of students who are not eligible for busing are responsible for their student’s transportation (carpooling or parent drop-off/pick-up).


6. What kind of student does Trinity Academy seek to enroll? 


Trinity Academy seeks to enroll students from the Hartford area who are motivated to learn and suited to learning in a small environment and whose families want to be involved in the student’s academic, social and cultural education as a part of a team with educators and administrators. Students at Trinity Academy come from many different faiths and cultures.


7. Is Trinity Academy affiliated with a church or specific religion?


While Trinity Academy is located in the Trinity Episcopal Church, our school is an independent, non-denominational school. However, our students' classes cover our school's core values, ethics, and morality. Additionally, our school emphasizes the importance of community service.


8. Where do students go to school beginning in 5th grade? 


Trinity Academy strives to place all of our graduating 4th-grade students in middle schools that are the best fit for each student. These schools may include other Hartford NativityMiguel model schools such as Covenant Preparatory School (an independent, tuition-free middle school for boys) and Grace Academy (an independent, tuition-free middle school for girls) as well as area charter, choice, or magnet middle schools.


9. Are there costs to attend Trinity Academy?


 Trinity Academy is a tuition-free school. However, we do have an Activity Fee of $150 per school year.  This Activity Fee needs to be paid at the beginning of each school year.


10. How do I apply to Trinity Academy? 


You can download an application from the website or pick up an application at school. Come in and take a tour of the school by appointment or at one of our Open Houses. We will do a “readiness check” with your child and interview your family. In addition, the school may require the student to spend a day “shadowing” a current student. The Trinity Academy Admissions team will review and let you know if our child is accepted.

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