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Open Book

Welcome to the Trinity Academy Family!

Our mission at Trinity Academy is to provide a private school quality education for free. This is 100% made possible because of our generous Hartford community and our donors. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

As an independent, tuition-free elementary school, we completely rely on grants and our donors to succeed.


Trinity Academy’s comprehensive approach is helping Trinity students surpass their public-school peers in performance and growth as measured by standardized tests. Trinity students also have excellent attendance and experience strong social emotional growth at the school. 

The majority of Trinity Academy students continue on to Grace Academy and Covenant Prep. Trinity Academy students are comfortable with rigorous academics and a values-driven culture and arrive at Covenant Prep and Grace Academy ready to meet the high expectations of the NativityMiguel school model.

Trinity alumni have gone on to excel at some of the region’s best high schools, including The Hotchkiss School, The Ethel Walker School, Miss Porter's School, The Westminster School, Avon Old Farms, Watkinson School, Northwest Catholic High School, Mercy High School and several area CREC Magnet high schools.

An investment in Trinity Academy ensures that students have a school where they are known, safe and deeply cared for. It means that they have highly qualified and committed teachers who challenge their minds and support their needs in a comprehensive manner.


Your support helps our students thrive as curious, exuberant learners. It offers students one-on-one attention and encouragement from a community that understands and believes in them. An investment in Trinity Academy establishes a strong foundation for success that students will build on throughout their lives.


Please make a generous investment in our students -- and their futures -- today! 

What does Trinity Academy mean to our students? 

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